Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Announcing a new Striper Derby - For Kayakers!!!!

A Striper like Matt's could very well be the winner!
In recent weeks some of the folk who work for the City of Bathurst on NB's Eastern shore contacted me to get my thoughts on a proposed new fishing tournament.   The idea was to put on a Striped Bass tournament in and around the Bay of Chaleur in mid-July when the annual run of stripers is in full swing in the area.

Already in the nearby town of Miramichi, the Striper Cup is held in late May and is one of the biggest fishing tournaments in all of Canada, bringing in an amazing 20,000 people!    Now the Miramichi River and the Bay of Chaleur are two very different bodies of water, and there was no expectation of replicating that type of turnout.   As explained to me, the Bay of Chaleur has some main channels that are deep enough for motorboats, but much of the bay is very shallow and ideally suited to boats like kayaks.    I don't see why we couldn't bring in 100 kayakers to this event in the first year, what do you think?

Here is the Catch n Kayak Facebook Page.

So to help differentiate their event from the Striper Cup, they proposed making this event a kayak fishing tournament with a shore based division as well!   I ran the idea by some friends, got their feedback and gave our thoughts back to the town.

From the discussions I've had, I can promise this is going to be a very well run event with lots of logistics considered and planning in place.    There were some ideas thought about such as teams, making it multi-day and so forth which will not come into play this year, but there may be a questionnaire for participants at the end of the event so that as much feedback as possible can be gathered to ensure next years event builds off this inaugural derby in all the right ways.

Right now there is only a Facebook page in place, but a website is going to be up soon with all the information you will need to understand the rules, prizes, when to be there, where to stay...etc.

Here is what I can tell you.    There are going to be big cash prizes as far as kayak tournaments go.   Over $2500 in cash, plus the chance to win a new kayak or possibly other prizes, perhaps even a guided fishing trip with me in the Fall.   The event is on July 15th, a Saturday and you are going to want to be there on Friday to register and be ready to launch early Saturday morning.    There will be a lunch break midday when the tide switches, and the event will wrap up Saturday evening.

Check out their Facebook Page, and keep an eye out for the website.   I hope to see you there!!

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

The best of the Spring Sturgeon may be over

51 Inch caught and released on Saturday.  Congrats Remi!
Water levels have risen considerably in the Kennebecasis with the river almost touching Norton Shore road in places.   With the rise in water, the sturgeon have much more area to explore, with large fields of wild bushes now several feet underwater.

First ever sturgeon for Kaitlyn, great job!
Peddling up the main channel of the river using the Humminbird Helix 5 SI fish finder, I no longer am able to mark any schools of sturgeon as I was prior to the rise in water levels.   There are scattered sturgeon here and there but nothing like we seen just 2 weeks ago.   As such, everyone has been fishing this past weekend in our traditional location around the mouth of the Hammond River.

On Saturday there must have been 15 or more people out there.   Many in kayaks but a hand full of boats as well.   Some people didn't hook into any sturgeon while others caught several.    While I can't estimate the total number of fish landed (somewhere north of 30), I do know at least 3 fish were caught that broke the four foot mark, which is tremendous any day of the year!

That look of satisfaction for landing her second sturgeon of the day!
I got out again on Monday morning, a cold day with a couple and between us we only landed 3 sturgeon.   Fortunately, none of the three were landed by myself.    Given our difficulty in finding fish and the water levels, I would believe at this point the Spring Sturgeon season may be drawing to a close.
And another first ever sturgeon!   Congrats!
It has been a great couple weeks but oh so short.   That being said, the regular fishing season is on now and there are lots of other places to wet a line!   In the next couple weeks I'll be hitting rivers and ponds looking for the odd trout, but really I'll be biding my time for Shad season to begin!   Come mid-May, the Shad fishing season should be starting and that is a really wonderful time to be out on the river!