Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Fighting the Winter Dolrumns

It has been a quiet couple of months for me this Winter in so far as kayak fishing goes.   With the waters all frozen over in our neck of the woods, the only fishing to be had is ice fishing.   Of course ice fishing is a great sport and a lot of people in NB love to spend time on the hard water!  Personally, I've opted to spend the majority of my free time at home getting in all the time I can with the family enjoying skiing, movie nights and such.   Perhaps by the time Spring comes they'll be sick of me and pushing me out of the house anytime I propose to go kayak fishing!

I have received a couple of very nice awards this Winter however!   First, this blog has been awarded a place in the top 30 kayak fishing blog by Feedspot, a new reader webpage that consolidates blogs and news feeds of various topics into a single user customized feed.   It is quite an honor to be named in the top 30 with a number of over very well known and notable pages on the net!

Also, I was awarded a Master Angler award for one of the shortnose sturgeon I caught and submitted to the New Brunswick Master Angler program.   This program promotes conservation, awareness and recognition of the sport we all love.   For those of you who haven't submitted your catch previously to this program, consider doing so in 2017!   For my sturgeon I received a hat, a certificate and a couple of nice patches!

Finally, as we approach the Spring, I will be making a slight adjustment to my prices to account for additional expenses such as insurance that I've have been carrying for a while now.   Insurance is expensive, and combined with other costs I need to incur in order to provide the guided fishing service, I need to adjust accordingly.

Thursday, December 8, 2016

2016's Best Pictures

We are well into December now and the next week of forecasted temperatures are below the freezing mark, so we may not be able to get out in the kayak without a bit of help from Mother Nature.   With that in mind it is time to put together my annual collection of favorite pictures from the past year.   Click the picture to see the full album

Overall 2016 was a great year for me in that I got to meet a lot of wonderful people both as clients, new friends and fishing companions.   I was able to kayak fish in New Brunswick, PEI, Quebec and Ontario as well as Maine and New Hampshire, and I was able to land several new species which I hadn't had an opportunity to fish for previously.

A very brief year in review, which will likely be in many ways a template for my 2017 plans:
  • Sturgeon fishing as soon as the ice melts on the river, which proved to be very early in 2016
  • Striper Fishing for a weekend on the Miramichi in May
  • Shad / trout fishing in May/June
  • Pickerel fishing as the summer moves in
  • Summer camping/kayak fishing trip through Quebec and Ontario
  • Family trip to Maine and then solo down to New Hampshire for a couple days
  • Mackerel fishing as we move into Sept/Oct
  • Back to sturgeon fishing come the start of October
In 2017 I hope to do more travels within our province to fish for bass, muskie, perhaps some lake or land locked salmon...etc.   I would also love to get out to kayak fish around Grand Manan or other such salt water areas next year.   There may be an out of province trip for me in 2017, but I haven't decided that for sure yet, depends on the finances!

I hope all of you have been able to get your fill of fishing this year, and if you were good, perhaps Santa will bring you some new gear this Christmas!    I do have a Trident 13 kayak for sale as well as gift cards for anyone looking for ideas!  ;-)